Keith’s and his staff prepared NEPA permit modifications and final design for fish-passable culverts, wetland mitigation, and stream relocation/enhancements. This work included improving fish passage at the SR 520 crossing of Fairweather Creek, Cozy Cove Creek, and Yarrow Creek and its tributaries by replacing existing barriers to fish with eight fish-passage structures.

In addition to culvert replacements, nearly 3,000 feet of stream 4 channel was restored. Restoration included daylighting some stream sections and reconstructing the streambed and banks, increasing sinuosity, improving connectivity to the floodplain and wetland, and placing stream gravel and large wood debris. Other major components of the project were hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, designing and implementing temporary stream diversions and bypass systems and developing a phasing plan for completing reconstruction within the in-water work windows, and protecting sensitive areas.