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Dr. Keith Wolf

Dr. Keith Wolf

Dr. Keith Wolf is a professional biologist, climate scientist and filmmaker. He and his colleagues have been involved in underwater documentary film and production for over thirty years, documenting nocturnal shark behavior in the French Polynesian Islands and human-induced ecological stressors on reef systems in Belize, Central America, and Bonaire Island in the Leeward Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. He has also studied and documented the effects of large port operations on marine ecosystems in Washington State, and recently, in Cozumel Mexico.

He filmed, wrote, directed, and produced the original Under Puget Sound in 1997, and in 2022 released an expanded version of the original documentary to examine the effects of climate change throughout the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest. He is currently in pre-production on a 12-part series documenting the effects of climate change on the ocean’s biological, physical, and chemical environments in the Red Sea, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, the Bali Sea, Sulawesi and New Guinea, the US Florida Keys and California Coast, and the Coral Sea reefs of Australia. Oceans, A Climate Crisis Series, will be released in 2023-2024.

Go here to watch Under Puget Sound.

Keith has also worked for state, federal, and tribal government agencies and private industry for over three decades. He holds positions at the US Dept. of Commerce/NOAA Fisheries and serves on its West Coast Climate Team.

Keith is an active member of the leadership committee of the Portland Oregon Chapter of the Climate Reality Project, and he served three terms as President of the American Fisheries Society’s International Chapter in British Columbia, Canada, and Washington State.

Dr. Wolf has led and managed diverse and complex environmental divisions where he increased effectiveness and coordination for policy, funding, capital programs, legislation, structural effectiveness, and capacity. He has developed and implemented seven business and technical Centers of Excellence, and recently co-chaired a global ESG, Climate and Sustainability Task Force in the Asia Pacific and Americas.

Finally, Keith and his private firm partners work with private and NGO clients to design Sustainability and Climate Action strategies where programs are proportional and purposeful from the start. This includes recognizing and capturing resilience, adaptation and net-zero and carbon reduction actions already present, and where advancement and change should, and can, occur for clients around the Globe.

KWA Ecological Sciences

KWA recently coordinated with teams in Asia Pacific and Americas regions and Dr. Wolf served as co-chair of the Client Services workgroup for a Global ESG, Climate and Sustainability Task Force.


  • KWA brings experts and policy makers together to solve immediate and focused problems and issues
  • Experienced in navigating challenges and communicating the intricacies of modern management practices and concepts to staff, leaders, boards,
  • stakeholders, and the public.
  • Experienced in global, ministerial, state, federal and tribal government, and private business sectors.
  • Effective across a broad range of project delivery and management environments.
  • Contract and grant fund manager, compliance officer, QA/QC lead, and contractor/vendor manager.
  • Skilled in the use of various predictive models, project software, and data management and analysis.
  • Expert presenter and organizational manager.
  • Over 6,500 client, peer, and professional contacts in various organizations and network platforms.


  • Meritorious Service Award, American Fisheries Society (AFS).
  • Two Awards from the United States Department of Interior, Secretary, Bruce Babbitt.
  • Contribution to Excellence, WA. State Salmon Recovery Funding Board & the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
  • Three-Term International Chapter President – American Fisheries Society
  • Continuing Leadership Award and Responsiveness to Mission and Goals -AFS.
  • Past President and Board member – American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing