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Science is best defined as a careful, disciplined, logical search for knowledge about any and all aspects of the universe, obtained by examination of the best available evidence and always subject to correction and improvement upon discovery of better evidence.

What’s left is magic. And it doesn’t work – James Randi


KWA Documentary Films, LLC

Information and Education—Impactful, Relevant and Entertaining. We create compelling documentaries revealing the impacts of the climate crisis beneath the surface.

Our Focus

The Earth and its dynamic processes are where we focus our documentary work. The threat of Climate Change, a pandemic in its own right, effects every person on the planet today, and so we take our responsibility to present facts and varied perspectives in our films very seriously.

Our Approach

Our environmental message is simple: Protect What you Know. Our emphasis is to inform and educate through striking imagery and graphic media. We are advocates of science and believers in the power of policy and shared community.

Our Expertise

We have been making films, telling stories, creating content and advancing knowledge and science since 1991. We combine all of these through high-quality documentary modes. We uniquely combine investigation and presentation to reach, inform and enter tain broad audiences and influence decision makers.


KWA Ecological Sciences, Inc.

We develop strategies and policies that protect and improve vital infrastructure, and executes on thoughtful and practical responses to climate change


Our Focus

Our focus is natural resources resiliency, emergency response and asset protection for private industry, and state, federal, and tribal agencies and governments. This includes standards benchmarking for greenhouse gas reduction and carbon offset programs for transportation, energy, environmental management and stewardship, regulatory compliance, extreme weather, public works, health co-benefits, and equity, justice and socio-economic effects.

Our Approach

Our approach centers on designing a strategy where programs are proportional and purposeful from at the start. This includes recognizing and capturing net-zero and carbon reduction actions already present, and where advancement and change should, and can, occur. The result is a plan co-aligned to the goals and objectives important to your agency, project, clients and investors, and consistent with modern-day environmental, social and governance values.

Our Expertise

Our certifications are equally strong and allow direct and timely issues to be staffed properly and served expertly. A review of our experience, provides a clear look at our history, capacity, capability, and importantly, an unsurpassed level of focus, service and integrity. KWA staff currently lead business, policy, and program development for climate, ESG, sustainability and finance sectors.