As a chief negotiator, Keith Wolf lead a multiple state, federal agency, and tribal policy team to achieve and implement interim and long-term modifications to hydroelectric operations for the Priest Rapids (and Wanapum) hydroelectric projects FERC relicensing to reduce fish mortality by over 11 million juvenile fall Chinook annually.

To address the impacts of flow fluctuations on Hanford Reach salmon and to improve coordination of river and dam operations, in October 1979 the three mid-Columbia PUDs completed an agreement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which licenses the five PUD dams, regarding outflows from dams upstream of Priest Rapids to benefit Hanford Reach juvenile salmon and steelhead when they migrate to the ocean.

The agreement, known as the Mid-Columbia Proceeding (FERC Docket No. E-9569), resulted from a complaint that was filed in 1976 2 with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by the Washington Department of Fisheries.