Climate, Sustainability, Resiliency and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Two Glaciers located on Mount Baker in Washington State are experiencing significant melting and retreat due to climate change. This is exposing highly erodible and unstable rock, boulders, unconsolidated sediments and large downed wood. BGC Engineering Inc. (BGC) Canada, in collaboration with Cardno is supporting of long-term restoration of the Glacier and Gallup Creeks and have assembled a team with extensive expertise in hazard and risk assessment on alluvial fans, hydraulic modeling, geomorphic assessment, and flood and debris flow protection. Our team, led by Keith Wolf. provided structure design, community engagement, aquatic and terrestrial habitat assessments, and restoration designs. State Route 542 (SR542) crosses the Glacier and Gallup Creeks alluvial fan at the community of Glacier in Whatcom County, Washington. SR542 along with adjacent structures and properties within the community are at risk from flood, debris flood, debris flow and bank erosion (in combination called “hydrogeomorphic hazards”).