Supporting the “Oceans” series is an opportunity for private and NGO investors to team with KWA Documentary Films on an essential project that addresses the urgent and complex issue of climate change. Inspired by Bill Ruckelshaus during his final years, and by many others before and after, Oceans will raise the level of critical awareness, inspire change, promote sustainable practices, advance corporate social responsibility, and create economic opportunities across diverse sectors. By investing in the Oceans documentary, you become part of a dedicated team and movement that’s bringing attention to the urgent problem of climate change in a way that’s more than just a transitory “special or nightly news story.” You’re joining a global movement and a serial production that combines facts, truth, and entertainment with a focus on environmental sustainability. It emphasizes the critical importance of protecting our oceans, lands, and economies, all while working towards a more resilient planet for future generations. Through the power of visual storytelling, this documentary will captivate audiences worldwide, effectively conveying the threat, urgency, and gravity of the climate crisis. It will expertly inform viewers about the detrimental effects of climate change, fostering a sense of responsibility and inspiring collective action. As the Generational Voices in Episode 7 say: “We Can Change Climate Change.” — This page and opportunity is for small investors – KWA Documentary Films is reaching out to investment firms, not crowdfunding or the entertainment industry, to provide the majority of the funding for production. All investors will be included in the credits of the Ocean’s series and become part of the series Production Team. Depending on sales and distribution, we provide returns on all investments, tax benefits for charitable contributions, and for larger investments, a share of the profits from the main sale. Contact: KWA Documentary Films, LLC for more information. Return on investment is contingent upon sales and distribution of the series. All investments carry risk. KWA does not warrant or guarantee returns on investments.